DC12V 8Pin Car Audio Adapter aux usb Interface SD Card MP3/WMA Decoder Auto CD Changer for 8P A2 99-05/ A3 01- 06/ A4/S4 98-06


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Car Auto Audio MP3 Player Interface Aux In Adapter Cable for A2 A3 A4 S4 A6 S6 A8 S8 8P USB+ AUX Audio Adapter 3.5mm

Note: it can not be used on the CD player with navigation and DVD, only can be used on original CD (that is, the car itself with the CD machine, not the CD machine that buyer buy)
When you use it, please do turn off the car radio before you shut down your car engine.
Or the current will do damage to this item chip.
You can contact seller to check its fitness
Please do check this link carefully!! or contact seller before you place the order !
1.Direct Connection via CD changer Port with CD quality sound
2.Control music files from your car radio panel or steering wheel.
3.Support USB Flash, SD Card and 3.5mm jack input.
4.Building in high quality MP3/WMA decoder
5.Building in Amplifier chips
6.No signal interfere, No battery required
7.Smart design and Easy to install and use
8. Brand New and High Quality
Compatible Car Models:( Important !!!! )
For  A2 1999-2005,
For  A3 2001-2006,
For  A4/S4 1998-2006 ,
For  A6/S6 2001-2004 ,
For  A8/S8 1999-2003,
For AllRoad 2000-2005 ,
For TT 1999-2003
Compatible Radio Models:( Important !!!! )
For Chorus 1, Chorus 2, Concert 1, Concert 2, Symphony 1, Symphony 2, Navigation Plus 1 (non MMI),
Navigation Plus 2 (non MMI),Delta(excluding Delta CC), etc.
1. Not work with Navigation system and XM radio
2. Not work with MMI system
1. Item type: Cables, adapters & sockets
2. Voltage input: DC 12V
3. Signal-to-noise: 95DB
4. Max. current: 600mA
5. Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ
6. Working temperature: -10-80 Celsius degree
7. Total Harmonic Distortion:0.01%
8. Package size: 15 * 10 * 4cm
Installation Instruction:
1. Turn off car engine and remove key from ignition, if your radio use a security code,make sure that you have the code before unplugging the radio.
2. Unmount the radio from the dash and find CD changer port at the back of radio.
3. Plug the iPod AUX Adapter connector to CD changer port.(Radio,connect the GND cable to the shield of the radio)
4. For iPod/Iphone user,connector iPod/Iphone via iPod AUX Adapter 30P connector.once the unit is installed just power on the car radio and iPod,you can Press CD button then you can enjoy the iPod Music ,keep iPod changed and ready to go.
5. For Auxiliary device such as PSP,MD.MP3.mobile etc,connect it with 3.3 Jack cable. It will start play music.
Package Contents
1 x USB 8Pin Car Audio Adapter
1x Card reader
1x User’s manual
1x switch cable




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