170 Degree USB Wireless Auto Car Dash Cam DVR 1080P Full HD Night Vision Driving Video Recorder for Android System Accessories


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170 Degree USB Wireless Car Dash Cam DVR 1080P Full HD Night Vision Driving Video Recorder for Android System
1. USB tram preview connects the large-screen tram machine through USB interface, power supply and data transmission are solved together, simple and beautiful.
2. The recorder can be watched in real time by the locomotive, and the video and image can be viewed and saved at any time. It can be used directly by plugging in and navigating the USB port.
3. Android navigation system video in picture, one screen multi purpose, to solve cumbersome switching. With APK, HD video, ADAS track offset.
4. ADAS intelligent early warning system driving (lane departure warning, front vehicle collision warning, preceding vehicle start hint).
5. Built-in electronic dog speed warning, automatic function to open, full broadcast of road conditions, the end of the ticket (Note: electronic dog function can be manually turned off).
6. High-definition six-wave lens F2.0 large aperture, using six layers of optical glass and infrared filter, can withstand the high temperature after exposure, image undamaged effectively reduce and enhance the transmittance.
7. Star level imaging is real, aspheric and all glass high definition customized lens, so that the video image is clear and bright. Distortion correction, backlight compensation, strong light suppression, color enhancement. 170 degrees wide wide angle, broader vision, more screen entry.
8. Seamless cycle video automatic coverage uses new intelligent overlapping technology to achieve cyclic recording.
9. The recorder is segmented to ensure that the video is preserved for the first time, while ensure each video is overlapped and does not leak.

Display: none, special for Android navigation
APP: USB, with APK, ADAS, electronic dog.
Touch screen control: support
Master control: Smart
Lens angle: 170 degrees
Image resolution: 1080P (1920*1080 20FPS)
Optional languages: English, German, French, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian
Packing size: 140*75*75mm/5.51*2.95*2.95”

APP Installation Steps:
The First step: USB recorder and Android navigation after docking, open file management or ES file browser, find udisk2
The second step: open the file u Cardvr.apk
The third step: open the file and click Install.
The fourth step: according to the prompt, install the next step.
The fifth step: open the file and click open.

Warm Tips:
1. Install as near as possible near the rear view mirror of the car and have a good visual field.
2. The location of the camera is located in the wiper cleaning area to ensure that in the rainy day can be clearly captured.
3. Do not install in the car airbag area.
4. Install the location as far as possible, not affected by the heat insulation paper, or any with interfering electronic products.

Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

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