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What kind of glue should I use?

Glue is a personal preference. Use nail tabs for temporary reusable use, and nail glue for long term non reusable use. How long your nails last is up to the glue you use!

How do I accurately size my nails?

Three options for sizing nails:

1. You can use a piece of tape and place it over your nail, then mark the widest part of each side of the nail. You can then measure the length between the marks for a mm measurement. Use my sizing guide to match your mm sizes to the actual nail sizes.



2. Use the soft ruler to measure the widest part of the nail, read the size mm .
3. You can order a full set of the set you want. It comes with 24 nails in every size so you don’t have to worry about sizing!





Usage Method:


1, Trim , keeping nails clean


2, Select the appropriate size of the emulational fingernail piece, then glue to the nail


3, Polish the spare parts according to fit situation


4, You can wear this fingernail piece during the day, remove it when sleeping at night; if you need it become more solid, 


    you can use liquid glue




Applicable scope


Studio, bride, nail shop,Cosmetics shop, wedding photo studio, wedding company, personal









Other color options ↓





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Air mail


l  received the order after the first three working days, through the China Post airmail mail


l  normal 3 to 7 weeks to arrive, according to the country and region different arrival arrival time slightly different, please be patient



Delivery information


l  please fill in your full name, including your name, the middle of the name, when you pay the surname


l  please fill in the correct address, including your apartment number, street, city, region and country


l  Otherwise, your parcel may be returned!



Aftermarket issues


l  before the product packaging undergo a rigorous screening, mail all the fine packaging, please rest assured to buy


l  if the receipt of the goods found abnormal circumstances, please within 72 hours by mail contact seller processing





Additional information




custom, Full sets-24PCS, L, M, S, XS









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